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Pipistrello is a FPGA development board for Xilinx Spartan-6 parts in 324 BGA package, desiged by Saanlima Electronics.

For more info (including availability) contact magnus@saanlima.com

Hardware Description


Board features:

FPGA: Spartan-6 LX9, LX16, LX25 or LX45 in 324 BGA package

Flash memory: SPI flash memory wired for 1x, 2x or 4x wide data path

On-board DRAM: 64 MBytes (32Mx16) of LPDDR memory clocked at 200 MHz (up to 800 MBytes/s transfer rate) in 60 BGA package

USB device interface: High-speed (480 Mbits/s) interface using a 2-channel FTDI FT2232H chip. Channel A is wired for serial or sync/async FIFO mode. Channel B is wired for JTAG.

DVI/HDMI interface: Full HDMI interface (including I2C level translators for DDC) using a 19-pin HDMI type A connector

Audio output: Two-channel audio output

Micro-SD card: Socket for micro-SD card, wired for SPI or native (4x wide) SDIO interface

USB host interface: USB type A connector and full-speed (12 Mbits/s) Phy chip (USB1T11A)

LED indicators: Power (green), config state (yellow), two user-defined (green, red)

User I/O: Papilio-style wing interface with 48 user-defined I/O signals

Form factor: Similar to Papilio One (2.8" x 2.7")

Schematic: pipistrello.pdf

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